Course Information

20 Hours In-Class Lesson

10 Hours of In-Car Training

10 Hours of Home Link Assignment


Practical Sessions :

* 10 hours of driving for automatic transmission cars.
* Manual transmission course (4 hours of manual transmission and 8 hours of automatic transmission lessons)
* Driving lessons can be scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours per lesson, per day.
* Your lessons are individual and private.
* Free pick up and drop off service at home, school or work for each driving lesson (within city limits).
* Our cars are equipped with dual brakes for your safety & ours.
* We teach you basic driving maneuvers as well as advanced emergency techniques and collision avoidance!
* Winter skid prevention and skid control techniques.
* Once you have completed all theory lessons and Home Link assignments,you are entitled to book your practical driving lessons.

Upon Successful Completion

The driver license history provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from Beginner Driver Education Course and is widely recognized by the Insurance Industry as a proof of course completion.

Beginner Driver Education Course graduates with a driver’s license history may be eligible for an insurance discount.


Lessons and Description – Theory Outline :

* Introduction to driver education, ‘Driver Psychology and Seat Belt Safety’

* The Right of Way, the ‘Rules of the Road’.

* Driving in the City – Turns, Intersections, Parking, 3 Point Turns, Lane Changes, etc.

* Freeway/Highway Driving – Country and Gravel Roads – Traction and Stopping Distances.

* Visibility, Space Cushioning & Communication – Using our Seeing & Safety Habits.

* Driving in Adverse Conditions